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Launching Ajuby School of Generative AI Art!

🎉🎨 Welcome to the World of Generative AI: Text to Image Conversion!

Hey there, creative geniuses! 🧠 Get ready to embark on the most thrilling and imaginative course you’ll ever experience: Generative AI for Text to Image Conversion! You must have seen picture of Selena Gomez visit to MetaGala. Well that was from Generative AI! Fun and scary, right? We will teach you how to create and also how to spot it.

In this mind-blowing course, you’ll discover how to use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your words into stunning visuals. You’ll master the art of prompt engineering, a super cool technique that lets you guide AI models to produce outputs that are accurate, relevant, and wildly creative. 🌟 You’ll have a blast generating fantastical images of dragons, unicorns, aliens, and more! Plus, you’ll become a digital detective, learning how to spot fake images and outsmart digital trickery. 🕵️‍♂️

No coding experience? No worries! This course is designed for high school students who are curious about AI and its mind-bending applications. All you need is a computer, internet, and a sense of wonder! 💻

Check out our epic course curriculum:

📅 Week 1: Enter the Realm of Generative AI and Text to Image Conversion

  • Discover the magic of generative AI and how it works
  • Learn about text to image conversion and its awesome uses
  • Meet DALL·E, Stability Diffusion, and other AI models that bring words to life
  • Explore OpenAI Playground and create your own AI-generated masterpieces

📅 Week 2: Mastering the Craft of Prompt Engineering

  • Uncover the secrets of prompt engineering and its power
  • Learn tips and tricks for crafting effective prompts
  • Evaluate AI outputs for accuracy, diversity, and novelty
  • Experiment with OpenAI Playground and generate images for different contexts

📅 Week 3: Unleash Your Imagination with Wild Images

  • Let your creativity run wild with mythical creatures and fantasy worlds
  • Invent futuristic gadgets and remix existing images
  • Experiment with prompts and generate mind-blowing visuals with OpenAI Playground

📅 Week 4: Becoming a Fake Image Detective

  • Learn how to spot fake images and outsmart digital deception
  • Discover how fake images are created and how to identify them
  • Practice your detective skills with OpenAI Playground and online tools

By the end of this course, you’ll be a generative AI wizard with a portfolio of awe-inspiring images created by you and AI! You’ll also have the skills to spot fake images and stay ahead of digital misinformation.

Are you ready for this epic adventure?

If yes, then follow us on INSTAGRAM today and let the magic begin! 🌟😊

The Art of Crafting Powerful Prompts for Image Generation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unleash Your Creativity

Image generation tools have become increasingly popular, enabling artists and creatives to bring their visions to life with the help of AI. The secret to creating stunning visuals lies in the power of well-crafted prompts. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the art of prompt engineering and provide you with a simple template to create better prompts for image generation.

The Template: Breaking It Down

To create compelling prompts, consider breaking down your ideas into four main components: adjective, noun, verb, and style. This structured approach will help you craft clear and concise prompts for AI-driven image generation tools. Let’s explore each element in detail:

ADJECTIVE: Choose a descriptive word that conveys the overall feel or appearance of your image. Examples: Fuzzy, vibrant, surreal.

NOUN: Identify the main subject or object in your visual. Examples: Creature, landscape, robot.

VERB: Incorporate an action or state of being that adds depth or interest to your subject. Examples: Wearing sunglasses, dancing, levitating.

STYLE: Define the artistic style or medium you’d like the AI to emulate. Examples: Digital art, impressionism, pixel art.

Putting It All Together:

Once you’ve chosen your elements, combine them to form a coherent and engaging prompt. Using our example, the prompt would read: “Fuzzy creature wearing sunglasses in the style of digital art.

Fuzzy creature wearing sunglasses in the style of digital art.
Fuzzy creature wearing sunglasses in the style of digital art.

Becoming AI Whisperers: Prompt Engineering & Ajuby.AI Transform the Freelancer and Artist Experience

Generative AI Creativity
Generative AI Creativity

Get ready to unleash your creativity! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Ajuby.AI Generative AI Marketplace, a one-stop platform designed for freelancers, artists, and the entire creative community. This vibrant space empowers you to showcase your skills, monetize your art, and become an “AI whisperer” by mastering the sought-after skill of prompt engineering.

By joining our marketplace, you’ll not only expand your reach and tap into new income streams but also stay ahead of the curve by honing your abilities in the rapidly growing field of generative AI. Our platform offers endless opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth, helping you elevate your freelance career to new heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of AI-driven creativity, transform your artistic prowess, and become the ultimate AI whisperer with the Ajuby.AI Generative AI Marketplace today!